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of conflict and humanitarian crisis. jeff, why is it that the crisis seems to be heating up? you point out that the congo that the government's army is losing battle after battle. being routed in battle after battle by the rebels. >> i think this is really an issue of state failure. i've been covering congo for six years and i've seen the country get weaker and weaker since i began. there was a big election in 2006 that created a lot of hope and enthusiasm that things were turning around. they haven't. since then, the government has become more authoritarian, more corrupt, more rebel groups. what we are seeing is a symptom and cause. it's a symptom of this weak state that can't control its own territory. watch the couple hundred rebels march into the big es city in the country and they didn't do much about it. that's also a cause. now that the rebels have taken goma, a lot of other opposition groups are starting to think wait, maybe now is the time to really take on the government, and people are smelling blood in the water, and that's the worry that these rebels in eastern congo do not ha
in clinical psychologist dr. jeff garrdeer, it's hard to tell women like i spoke to not to worry, not to worry about sending their kids to school in the future. fear may be a constant for them now. how do we ease their worries in this moment? >> >> well first of all. i want to personally thank you, don, for the sensitive coverage that you've given and being aware that we can't in any way, shall shooter, make him some sort of an historical figure. because other people will follow that and that's been part of the problem, so thank you for that. >> firstnd foremost, you're correct. fear is going to be part of their lives, not forever. but we need to reassure those children there in newtown, that they are safe. they must return to that school, because if they avoid it, then it will become what we call in psychology, aphobic response. so first and foremost. there should be a police officer, a law enforcement, in each one of those schools there for just a temporary amount of time. just so they feel safe. secondly, parents need to go in with the children, every day, through the holidays, and after, p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)